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Need some more information about eco fencing? See our FAQ below for the most common questions.

Q . Can i easily cut Eco fencing?

A. Yes Eco fencing products can be cut with an everyday handsaw, please be aware to remove the steel insert from posts 8' and above, or use a hacksaw.

Q. Can i use screws into Eco fencing?

A. Yes Eco fencing accepts screws allowing things to be attached to it or allow it to be fixed to things.

Q. How do i build an Eco fence panel?

A. An Eco panel is constructed by stacking the gravel boards on top of each other to the required height.

Q. Will Eco fencing rot?

A. NO Eco fencing will NOT rot it is made from U-PVC

Q. Will Eco fencing fade?

A. Eco fencing will weather naturally as does traditional timber or any other outdoor product and location and exposure will increase the process.

Q. How do i fix Eco fencing posts?

A. An Eco fencing post is concreted in the ground appx 24" just like a traditional timber or concrete post.

Q. What size is an Eco fencing post?

A. The fence post measures appx 110mm x 90mm, see post specification for exact sizes.

Q. How big is the slot in an Eco post?

A. The slot is approx 52mm wide and 25mm deep

Q. Will Eco gravel boards fit into my existing concrete posts?

A. Providing your slots are 52mm or more then yes, we have not come across a post that does not accept our boards

Q.Can i hang a gate off an Eco post?

A.It is best practice to fix a timber post to the Eco post so that you have a square edge to fix to. We would also recommend that the eco post is filled with concrete to stop the natural flex.

Q. Will Eco fencing stand up to a large dog or football?

A. Eco fencing has a greater tensile strength than concrete, it will flex unlike concrete so will absorb impacts from large dogs or balls

Q. Can i fix Eco fencing to existing wooden posts?

A. You would have to fix a utility strip to the post to form a channel so the gravel boards can slot in.

Q. Can i have a shaped top made smaller?

A. Yes we can make them smaler if required but the charge will still be for a full panel. Please contact us to let us know what size you require.